You become a Conference sponsor simply by selecting one or more of the following opportunities. Please note that to the sponsorship shall apply the Ka Conference Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

A - General Sponsorship

General Sponsorship benefits:

  • Corporate logo and link on the Conference web site,
  • Corporate logo on Conference on-site signage,
  • Corporate logo projection in meeting rooms during Conference Sessions.
The cost of a General Sponsorship (including all the above benefits) is USD 7,000.

B - Other Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to General Sponsorships, other sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Conference Gala Dinner, USD 7,000 (co-sponsorships available from USD 2,000.00)
  • Medallion, USD 5,000
  • Cocktail, USD 4,000
  • Luncheon, USD 3,000
  • Coffee Breaks, USD 2,500
  • Badge lanyard, USD 2,000
  • Participant Bag, USD 2,000
  • Company brochures (literature) inserted in the Participant Bag, USD 1,000
  • Booth, USD 4,000
For more details please contact us at:  organizingcommittee@kaconf.com