ICSSC Final Paper Submission

Once you have been notified of the acceptance of your abstract, please take the following steps:

  1. Confirm by email that (i) You will submit the full paper by the deadline and (ii) You or one of the paper co-authors will attend the conference to make an oral presentation of the paper.

  2. Prepare your final paper strictly according to the ICSSC Paper Template

  3. Please ensure that your final paper is consistent in title, content and co-authors and their affiliations with what was written in the accepted abstract. We reserve the right to reject a final paper that shows significant changes in any of these areas.

    Complete and sign the ICSSC Copyright Assignment Form

  4. Upload both your final paper and the signed copyright form by executing step 2 for abstracts submission but choosing PAPERS when you click on ABSTRACT/PAPERS.
Information & Inquiries should be directed to

Clotilde Canepa Fertini: clotilde.canepa@gmail.com