Ka Paper Submission

Paper Submission Deadline

The deadline for submitting final publication-ready papers in PDF format is September 2, 2024.

Lead Author Tasks and Responsibilities:

  1. Registration Fee: The lead author must pay the registration fee before uploading the paper. Note that at least one author per paper must pay the registration fee; otherwise, the paper will not be allowed for upload, presentation at the conference, or publication in the Ka online proceedings.
  2. Approvals: The lead author is responsible for obtaining all necessary sponsor, employer, and/or government approvals for their papers well in advance to prevent last-minute withdrawals.
  3. Copyright Agreement: The final paper requires the completion of the  Ka Copyright Agreement Form, granting permission to publish the manuscript in either printed or electronic form. Authors and their companies/sponsors retain all rights to the published paper.
  4. Upload Access:The lead author of an accepted abstract is the only author with access to upload the final paper.
  5. Ethics Compliance: Authors uploading a paper to the Ka Conference confirm that the uploaded paper complies with the Ka Conference Publication Ethics and Malpractice.


Final publication-ready papers must use the PDF file format and be prepared according to the KA Paper Template.

To Submit a Paper

Before submitting your paper, please adhere to the following steps:

  1. Ensure that your final paper maintains consistency in title, content, and co-authors, along with their affiliations, as presented in the accepted abstract. Significant changes in these areas may lead to the rejection of the final paper.
  2. Prepare your final paper strictly in accordance with the KA Paper Template.
  3. Have your Short Bio prepared.
  4. Ensure that you have prepared and signed the Copyright Agreement.
  5. Pay the registration fee before initiating the paper upload process.

To upload your paper, follow these steps:

  • After logging in navigate to the left panel on the opened page, click on "ABSTRACT/PAPERS" to expand, and select "ABSTRACT." Then, click the green bar "SUBMIT A PAPER" located under the approved abstract. Please note that this green bar is only accessible if the abstract is approved, and the registration fee has been paid.
  • Upload your paper by clicking in the space under "File" or by dragging and dropping your file into that space.

To confirm a successful upload, go to the left pane and click "PAPER."

  • If your uploaded paper is visible in the Paper Tab, your upload has been successfully completed. If your paper doesn’t appear in the Paper Tab, please repeat the steps above.

Send the  Ka Copyright Agreement Form and Short Bio via e-mail to: kacopyright@kaconf.com

Authors facing challenges in submitting their papers electronically should contact the KA Conference Organizing Committee at organizingcommittee@kaconf.com

Additional Paper

An additional processing fee of USD 400.00 is applicable for each subsequent paper submitted by the same lead author after the initial submission.

Podium rule

To ensure conference quality, the "no paper, no podium" rule will be enforced. This policy states that if the paper is not uploaded to the site by the given deadline, the paper will not be allowed to be presented at the Conference, even if it is included in the Conference Program.

Oral Presentation

Presentations are to be delivered orally by the lead author or their designated speaker on the specified day and time indicated in the conference Final Program. The lead author should promptly inform the conference of their designated speaker by emailing organizingcommittee@kaconf.com.

The lead author is encouraged to create a pre-recorded video presentation following the instructions provided on the Presentation Instructions page, along with a brief speaker biography.

If the lead author or their designated speaker is unable to attend in person due to emergency circumstances, the pre-recorded video presentation will be projected.

The lead author bears the responsibility for the oral presentation of the paper. Papers that are not presented during the conference will not be included in the Conference Proceedings, even if they are listed in the Conference Final Program.


All accepted and presented Ka papers will be published in the Online Proceedings of the Ka Conference website. These papers are indexed and accessible through SCOPUS and Engineering Village Compendex.


Questions pertaining technical topics should be directed to:
Carlo Riva: carlo.riva@polimi.it
Franco Marconicchio: franco.marconicchio@gmail.com

Information & Inquiries should be directed to