October 18 - 20, 1999, Taormina, Sicily Island, Italy
Fifth Ka-Band Utilization Conference 1999 Program
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Program Scope

As the first significant anniversary of the Ka-Band Utilization Conference approaches, we are starting to witness the commitment of commercial entities to the use of Ka-Band with the launch of the Astra Return Channel System in Europe and the wideband services planned with Koreasat 3 in Korea.

These regional systems will be followed in a few years by global Multimedia Systems such as Spaceway and Astrolink and additional regional systems, heralding at last the establishment of Ka-Band satellites as viable highways of the Global Information Infrastructure.

Before the systems reach their intended goals, they will be facing a number of technical challenges to convert their ideas to reality. The problems they will face are mirrored in the array of papers submitted to this year’s conference, papers that are delving more and more deeply into the problems the systems will be addressing and solving.

This year’s conference includes the following sessions:

  • New and Updated Systems
  • Experimental Results
  • Propagation and Fade Mitigation
  • Interoperability
  • Band Sharing
  • Protocols
  • Architectures
  • Ground Systems
  • Advances in component
  • Financing/Marketing
  • To avoid inconvenience to the attendees, this year we will not hold parallel sessions as we did last year; however, we will return to the fifteen minute format in order to accommodate all the papers submitted. We are certain our speakers and session chairs will meet the challenge!

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    Steering Committee

    F. Valdoni (Chairman) - IIC and Universita' di Roma Tor Vergat
    F. Bertoldi (Organization) - IIC
    C. Cenami (Secretary) - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana
    F. Gargione - Satellite Systems Consultant
    F. Marconicchio - ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana

    Technical Program Committee

    F.Gargione (Co-Chairman) - Satellite Systems Consultant
    F. Marconicchio (Co-Chairman) - ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana
    R. Bauer - NASA Glenn Research Center
    W. Brandon - Mitre Corporation
    P. De Santis - INTELSAT
    R. T. Gedney - Advanced Communications Technology
    N. Kadowaki -Communications Research Laboratory
    J. Rigley - Communications Research Centre
    F. Vatalaro - Universita' di Roma Tor Vergata
    D. Williams - NASA Glenn Research Center

    Conference SECRETARIAT

    IIC-Instituto Internazionale delle Comunicazioni
    Via Pertinace - Villa Piaggio
    16125 GENOVA, Italy

    Phone: +39 010 2722383
    Fax: +39 010 2722183
    E-mail: info@iicgenova.it
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    Program Monday, October 18, 1999


    08:30 - 08:40 - OPENING REMARKS
    F. Marconicchio, ASI, Italy
    F. Gargione, Satellite Systems Consultant, USA


08:40 - 10:30 - Session 1: New and Updated Systems
Chairman: R.T. Gedney, Advanced Communications Technology, USA

The Janus Mission
A. Paraboni, Politecnico di Milano, Italy; M. Ruggieri, Universita' di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy; E. Saggese, Space Engineering, Italy
A Synthetic Approach to Multimedia Satellite Design
J. Cable, Nortel Networks, UK; C.Rosenberg, Purdue University and Nortel Networks, USA

Ka-Band Gigabit Communications Technology Satellite: Development Status and Connection Control Scheme
N. Kadowaki, N.Yoshimura, Y. Ogawa, N. Komiya, T. Araki, Communications Research Laboratory, Japan


Gen*Star Program, Results Applicable to Ka-Band Service Suppliers and End Users
E.R. Wiswell, Z. Stroll, A. Baluch, J. Freitag, H.J. Morgan, TRW Space & Electronic Group, USA

An OBP-Based Payload for Satellite Multimedia Services
R. Giubilei, M. Marinelli, A. Pisano, Alenia Aerospazio, Italy
Evolution of Euroskyway Project - The European Broadband Satellite System
M. Spagnulo, G. Matarazzo, S. Ciarrocca, L. Bardelli, Alenia Aerospazio, Italy
Ka Band Satellite System Architecture for Local Loop Internet Access
A.E. Atia, P. Caporossi, D. Walters, G. Shaw, Orbital Science Corp., USA

10:30 - 11:00 - Coffee break

11:00 - 13:00 - Session 2: Experimental Results
Chairman: D. Williams, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA

Interim Results during the First Year of ACTS Project Inclined Orbit Operations
R.A. Bauer, M.J. Zernic, L.R. Ignaczak, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA
Results from COMETS Ka-band and Millimeter-wave.  Advanced Mobile Communications Experiments
H. Wakana, S. Yamamoto, N. Obara, H. Saito, H.-B. Li, M. Tanaka, Communications Research Laboratory, Japan
Performance of ACTS as a Ka-band Test-bed
R.J. Krawczyk, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA;
F. Gargione, Analex Corp., USA
Bit Error Rate Measurement on Data Relay Test Satellite (DRTS) Engineering Model
S. Kosugi, Y. Sudo, NASDA, Japan;
N. Batori, N. Hotta, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Japan
A Ka-band High Data Rate Shipboard Satellite Terminal
M.A. Rupar, US Naval Research Laboratory, USA;
D.R. Beering, D.E. Brooks, Infinite Global Infrastructures, USA;
D.J. Hoder, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA
Mobile Multimedia Satellite Communication Experiments using the Ka-band and Millimeter-wave COMETS Satellite
T. Takahashi, H. Wakana, H. Saito, Communications Research Laboratory, Japan; T. lkegami, Meiji University, Japan
Six Years of ACTS Technology Verification Experiment Program Results
R. Acosta, S. Johnson, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA
Acquisition and Tracking Test Results for Engineering Model of Data Relay Test Satellite (DRTS)
N. Batori, K. Miyazaki, M. Wakao, N. Hotta, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Japan; S. Kosugi, NASDA, Japan

13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch


14:00 - 15:45 - Session 3: Propagation and Fade Mitigation
Chairman: F. Valdoni, Universita' di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy

Fade Slope Analysis Using the Seven-Site ACTS Propagation Data at 20 and 27 GHz
C. Grinder, J. Pinder, L. Ailes-Sengers, Stanford Telecom, USA
Adaptive CDMA Scheme for Rain Fade Compensation in Ka-Band Geosynchronous Satellite Communications
D.H. Kim, K.C. Whang, Yonsei University, Korea; S.K. Shin, S.I. Lee, ETRI, Korea; S.H. Hwang, LG Information and Communications, Korea
Link Performance Analysis of a Generic Ka-Band VSAT Videoconferencing System
L. Castanet, B. Audoire, ONERA CERT, France;
D. Mertens, H. Vasseur, Universitè Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Performance Simulation of Adaptive Transmission Technique Using Dynamic Rain Attenuation Model
S.K. Shin, H. Lim, S.I. Lee, ETRI, Korea
Fade Slope and Fade Duration Statistics at 35 GHZ on the Celeste Campaign
E. Gimonet, J. Lemorton, L. Castanet, ONERA/DEMR/APR, France
Ka-band Line-Of-Sight Radio Propagation Experiment in Surabaya Indonesia
M. Salehudin, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia;
B. Hanantasena, PT INDOSAT, Indonesia;
L.J.M. Wijdemans, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
World Wide Millimeter Wave Attenuation Functions from Barbaliscia’s 49/22 GHz Observations
P. Christopher, PFC Associates, USA
15:45 - 16:15 - Coffee break
16:15 - 18:00 - Session 4: INTEROPERABILITY
Chairman: N. Kadowaki, Commmunications Research Lab., Japan
ACTS 118x Final Report High-Speed TCP Interoperability Testing
W.D. Ivancic, M. Zernic, D.J. Hoder, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA;
D.E. Brooks, D.R. Beering, A. Welch, Infinite Global Infrastructures, LLC, USA
European Standardization Issues for Broadband Satellite Multimedia Communications
H. Skinnemoen, Nera SatCom, Norway
ESA’s Ground Support Activities for Future Ka-band Space Research Missions
A. Cozzani, R. MaddË, E. Vassallo, European Space Operations Centre, Germany
Global Ka Band System for Broadband Ubiquitous QoS Sensitive Internet Services
G. Losquadro, B. Perrot, Alenia Aeropazio, Italy;
F. Fedi, Space Software Italia, Italy
Developing Functional and Performance Requirements for Broadband Satellite Networks (BSN)
W. Courtney, J. Freitag, C. Kelly, E.R. Wiswell, TRW Space & Electronic Group, USA
Internet Service Providers and Satellites
T. Hearn, F. Karam, Nortel Networks, USA
CNIT-ASI Project "Integration of Multimedia Services on Heterogeneous Satellite Networks": an Overview and Some Preliminary Results
D. Adami, University of Pisa, Italy; A. Conti, D. Dardari, University of Bologna, Italy; M. Marchese, University of Genoa, Italy; L.S. Ronga, University of Florence, Italy
20:00 - Dinner (offered by Telespazio)

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

08:30 - 10:30 - Session 5: Band Sharing
Chairman: W.T. Brandon, The Mitre Corp., USA
Effective Utilization of the Ka-band NGSO Resource
A. Stone, Hughes Space and Communications, USA
Analysis of Mitigation Techniques to Be used by NGSO Systems Sharing Spectrum with GSO Systems
M. Caron, D. Hindson, D. Andean, Communications Research Centre , Canada
Transition Plan for the Efficient Use of NASA/GSFC Spectrum
B. Younes, R. Flaherty, S. Currier, D. Littmann, NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center, USA;
P. Pogorelc, D. Kaushal, S. Chang, Stanford Telecommunications, USA
Sharing between Ka-Band Satellite Communications Systems Operating in Non-Geostationary and Geostationary Orbits
C.J. Gibbins, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK
Protection of TDRSS H,I,J from the Emissions of Point-to-Multipoint Fixed Service Systems in the 25.25-27.5 GHz Band - An Update
B. Younes, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA;
J.E. Miller, Stanford Telecom, USA
Mars Global Surveyor Ka-Band Frequency Data Analysis
D. Morabito, S. Butman, S. Shambayati, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
NASA Ka-Band Service and Technology
B. Younes, A. Comberiate, K. Perko, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA; M. Griffin, R. Chang, Stanford Telecommunications, USA
Extension of Exclusive FSS Service Ka-Band to MSS Service on a Co-primary Basis
F. Carducci, P. Campagiorni, Alenia Aerospazio, Italy
10:30 - 11:00 - Coffee break
11:00 -12:45 - Session 6: PROTOCOLS
Chairman: B.G. Evans, University of Surrey, United Kingdom
Evaluating the Up-Link Capacity in a Satellite Network for WWW Communications (Internet Browsing)
A. Cavallaro, F. Faggi, P. Lovisolo, CSELT, Italy
In-Space Internet-Based Communications for Space Science Platforms Using Commercial Satellite Networks
R.J. Kerczewski, K.B. Bhasin, T.P. Fabian, J.H. Griner, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA; B.A. Kachmar, A.M. Richard, Analex Corp., USA
An Efficient Protocol for Congestion Management in Satellite Networks
M. Iuoras, R. Di Girolamo, P. Takats, P. Garland, EMS Technologies, Canada
IP Multicast Over Next Generation Satellite Networks: Challenges and Directions
S. Halberstadt, J. Cable, Nortel Networks, UK; C. Rosenberg, Purdue University and Nortel Networks, USA; J. Crowcroft, University College London, UK; C. Diot, Sprint ATL, USA
Security and Authentication for Efficient IP Networks Based on a Hybrid Ku/Ka Band Satellite Systems
F. Jahani, K. Pillai, Nortel Networks, USA
A Simulation Study for the Performance of an On-Board ATM Switching Scheme for a Ka-Band Broadband Satellite Communications Network
N. Yoshimura, N. Kadowaki, Communications Research Laboratory, Japan
Modifications to TCP’s Parameters to Enhance Performance over Satellite Channels
M. Marchese, University of Genoa, Italy
12:45 - 13:45 - Lunch
14:00 - VII CEPIT Meeting: Italsat Propagation Experiment
13:45 - 16:00 - Session 7: Architecture
Chairman: F. Vatalaro, Universita' di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy
Algorithms to Compute Bandwidth on Demand Requests in a Satellite Access Unit
G. AÁar, Imperial College London, UK; C. Rosenberg, Purdue University, USA
The ESA OBP on-Board Request Handler: an On-Board Switch for Efficient Handling of Packet Switched Traffic
M. CotÈ, EMS Technologies Canada, Canada;
P. Coutu, G. Garofalo, ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands
Distributed Hub Architecture for Efficient IP Networks Based on Hybrid Ku/Ka Band Satellite Systems
F.M. Marchetti, K. Pillai, Nortel Networks, USA
An On-board Resource Allocation Scheme for EuroSkyWay System in ASSET
B. Fan, S. Vahid, R. Tafazolli, B.G Evans, University of Surrey, UK
Satellite-ATM Network Dimensioning and ABR Capacity Estimation in the Presence of Self-Similar Traffic
Mertzanis, G. Sfikas, R. Tafazolli, B.G. Evans, University of Surrey, UK
A Waveform for Multi-Service Application and On-Board Cell Switching
W. B¸rkle, C. Nˆldeke, Bosch Telecom, Germany
Performance Evaluation of FEC Coding Schemes for Future Broadband Satellite Systems
C. Valadon, Y. Rosmansyah, R. Tafazolli, B.G. Evans, University of Surrey, UK
Comparative Performance of Turbo Product Codes and Reed-Solomon / Convolutional Concatenated Codes for ATM Cell Transmission
M. Vanderaar, Efficient Channel Coding, USA; R.T. Gedney, Advanced Communications Technology, USA; E. Hewitt, Advanced Hardware Architectures, USA
Adding Intelligence to Satellite-based Internet. Links Architecture of a Second-Generation Satellite-based Internet Delivery System
A. Mathur, H. Chen, I. Anwar, Orblynx, USA;
M. Abrams, T. Johnson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, USA; C.K. Miller, R. O'Brien, StarBurst Software, USA;
16:00 - 16:30 - Coffee break
16:30 - 18:15 - Session 8: Ground System
Chairman. J. Rigley, Communications Research Centre, Canada
Frequency Acquisition and Tracking for FedSat Low Earth Orbit Satellite
E. Aboutanios, S. Reisenfeld, University of Technology of Sydney, Australia
Outdoor Units for Ka/Ku-band Satellite Interactive Terminals
J.L. Fikart, A. Chan, NII Norsat International, Canada
Generic Broadband Satellite Multimedia Gateway
H. Skinnemoen, I.J. Fannelop, M. Ogaard, Nera SatCom, Norway
The Suitability of Using NORAD TLE’s to Track LEO Satellites with Ka Band Communications
K. Willey, T.R. Osborn, M. Eckert, R. Liwanag, S. Reisenfeld, University of Technology of Sydney, Australia
Ka-Band (29/19 GHz) Briefcase Satellite Terminal
C. Pike, P. Tardif, D. Drolet, W. Janssen, Communications Research Centre, Canada
ASTRA-NET Return Channel Satellite Interactive Terminals: Technologies and Evolution
C. Dupuis, G. Boudreau, Nortel Networks, Canada
New Architectures for Ka Band Satellite Ground Terminals With Test Results Using the ACTS Satellite
J.L. Langston, Raytheon Telecommunications, USA
20:00 - Conference Banquet

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

8:30 - 9:45 - Session 9: Advances in Components (1)
Chairman: A. Bastikar, Canadian Space Agency, Canada
Cost Effective Operating Power Specification of Ka-Band MMICS for Multimedia Satellite Interactive Terminals
J.L. Fikart, B. Kocay, NII Norsat International, Canada
Efficient Modulation and Coding Schemes for Future NASA Ka-Band Space Communications
D. Zillig, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA;
J. Brase, M. Burns, Stanford Telecommunications, USA
Programmable ASIC for Universal Modulator
K.M.S. Murthy, V. Allen, S. Daigle, COM DEV, Canada
Digital Filter Design for OC3 Modulator
K.M.S. Murthy, V. Allen, S. Daigle, COM DEV, Canada
Development of Ka-band Multibeam Active Phased Array Antenna for Gigabitit Satellite
T. Sakura, H. Aruga, S. Kitao, H. Nakaguro, A. Akaishi, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Japan;
N. Kadowaki, T. Araki, Communications Research Laboratory, Japan
Overview of Amplifier Technology Choices fro Ground Based Ka-band Amplifiers
E. Oiesen, J. Thomas, CPI Satcom, USA
09:45 - 10:15 - Coffee break
10:15 - 11:30 - Session 10: Advances in Components (2)
Chairman: M. Wittig, European Space Agency, The Netherlands
20 GHz 3Watts MMIC SSPA
K.-W.Yu, M.-S. Eom, J.-H. Lee, J.-M. Kim, ETRI, Korea
Modem Characterization through a Wideband, Hard-Limited Ka-Band Satellite Channel
R.C. Reinhart, W. Ivancic, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA;
T. Tanger, C. Cronon, D. Lee, COMSAT Laboratories, USA;
D.R. Kifer, Cortez III Service Corp., USA
Canada’s Advanced Satellite Communications Program
B. Keightley, Communications Research Centre, Canada;
M. Wlodyka, COM DEV, Canada; D. Sylvain, B. Gordon, EMS Technologies Canada, Canada; C. Dupuis, Nortel Networks, Canada;
F. Smart, Telesat Canada, Canada
Ka-band Mechanically Augmented Phased Array (MAPA) Antenna for Ultra Small Aperture Terminal (USAT)
K.M.Wilson, R.A. Axford, Jr., G. Bostrom, US Navy Space & Naval Warfare Systems Center, USA
Microwave Equipment Technologies for Wideband Ka band Satellite Communication Systems
M.C. Comparini, M. Feudale, J. Linkowski, P. Ranieri, A. Suriani, Alenia Aerospazio, Italy
11:30 - 13:00 - Session 11: Financing and Marketing
Chairman: P. De Santis, Intelsat, USA
The Case for Providing Satellite Services in Ka-band
R.J. Rusch, The TA Group, USA
A High Data Rate Ka Band Global Network for Weather
W.T. Brandon, The MITRE Corp., USA
What will it take to finance your Ka-Band satellite?
W.L. Morgan, Communications Center, USA
The Development of a Tele-education Service via Koreasat-3
H. Hwangbo, Y.-W. Kwon, H.-C. Kim, Korea Telecom, Korea
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Experiment Using the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
C. Emrich, R. Acosta, A. Kalu, D. Kifer, W. Wilson, Florida Solar Energy Center, USA
Venture Development Planning for Broadband Satellite Networks
J. Freitag, P. Stenzel, J.M. Myers, P. Varend, E.R. Wiswell, TRW Space & Electronic Group, USA
13:00 - 13:15 - Closing Remarks
13:00 - Closing Remarks
F. Marconicchio, ASI, Italy
F. Gargione, Satellite Systems Consultant, USA
13:15 - 14:15 - Lunch

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