ICSSC Colloquium

The ICSSC Colloquium entitled Satellite Constellations and 5G will be held prior to the Joint Conference
on Monday, September 27, 2021.

The Colloquium is organized by the Co-Chairs:

  • Dr. Rajeev Gopal, Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes)
  • Ms. Maria Guta, European Space Agency (ESA)

Colloquium Synopsis

5G is a revolutionary force in telecommunications; defining new sets of services in support of diverse use cases for connecting humans and machines, and deploying a network of networks. Significant investments have also been made in launching High Throughput satellites (HTS) and NGSO constellations.   Instead of satellites being the choice of last resort, the technological and regulatory environment is now ripe for a truly integrated system of systems where satellites can complement terrestrial networks to provide ubiquitous coverage and capacity.  Besides offering important societal and economic benefits, this unification can also be leveraged for enhancing emergency/disaster management and national security.

Mega satellite constellations being designed today comprise hundreds or even thousands of LEO satellites. With limited deployment today, HAPS can also join this hybrid architecture framework that extends the 3GPP 5G baseline to include non-terrestrial network nodes. With global coverage across all oceans and continents being a primary differentiator, the LEO mega-constellations will eventually be indispensable for global connectivity.

The colloquium will look across a broad range of topics that address how space, high altitude, and terrestrial 5G systems will interoperate with key enabling technologies such as software defined networks, artificial intelligence, and cost effective electronically steered antennas.  Besides leveraging the confluence of advanced technologies, an innovative regulatory approach will also be essential to address the burgeoning spectrum requirements and more dynamic allocation for space and terrestrial applications.

Panelists from the Satellite and Cellular industry, GEO and NGSO SAT-COM designers and operators, and governments will discuss their visions, strategies and plans to integrated 5G architectures and services in interactive sessions.