BroadSky Workshop

18th BroadSky Workshop

18th BroadSky Workshop introduces R&D activities to realize Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) for Beyond 5G in Japan and 6G Flagship.
The Workshop is organized by:

Naoto Kadowaki, Director General Wireless Network Research Institute, NICT, Japan

The 18th BroadSky Workshop, under the theme of Actions toward Beyond 5G in Japan, introduces R&D activities toward “Beyond 5G” including NTN in Japan. “Beyond 5G” is the concept of following generations of 5G mobile communications systems, and a variety of White Papers are presented by many research organization, common carriers, manufacturers and universities in the world. Japanese government established “Beyond 5G R&D Promotion Program” in 2020, and communications industry and academia in Japan are also involved in the R&D for “Beyond 5G”.


  • Opening by Naoto Kadowaki, NICT, Japan
  • NTN activities in 6G Flagship by Konstantin Mikhaylov, University of Oulu, Finland
  • NTN strategy of Space Compass by Shigehiro Hori, Space compass, Japan
  • HAPS Mobile-Direct Communication Systems towards Beyond 5G by Atsushi Nagate, Softbank, Japan
  • Activities in NICT by Yuma Abe, NICT, Japan
  • Closing