ICSSC Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Deadline

Authors are invited to submit a reasonably detailed abstract by May 31, 2024.

Abstract Format and Content

We require a detailed abstract that is two pages in length (including any figures and references) and describes original work which has not been previously published.

The abstract should have the following contents in the order listed. Mandatory content must be provided. Optional content may be provided if deemed useful in describing your proposed paper to reviewers.

  1. Title of your proposed paper.
  2. Details of all authors of the proposed paper, including Name, affiliation, full postal address, and email address. The first named author should be the corresponding or lead author and will be the only person who will have access to upload the final manuscript if the abstract is accepted. This is mandatory.
  3. The main body of your abstract. This is mandatory and should describe in clear and grammatically correct English (i) The background and motivation for the work to be reported in the proposed paper; (ii) What you did and how you did it; (iii) What you found and what you intend to cover in the full paper and oral presentation at the conference.
    Note that this instruction is only an indication of expected content and not a specification of required sections of the main body. Please use your own judgment to organize the main body of your abstract for maximum clarity.
  4. Figures, graphs or diagrams. This is optional, but if included must be referred to and discussed in the main body.
  5. References. This is optional, but if included must be clearly cited in the main body.

Abstract Template

Abstracts must use the PDF file format for speed and accuracy and must be prepared according to the ICSSC Paper Template.
Authors uploading an Abstract are confirming that the uploaded Abstract complies with the Conference Publication Ethics and Malpractice.

To Submit an Abstract

To submit an abstract please take the following steps:

  1. Visit the Joint Conference web page REGISTRATION and enter the personal details requested. You will then receive an automatically generated email giving you a username (your email address) and password with which to login and upload your abstract.
  2. If you have (already) taken step 1, then LOGIN and on the left panel of the page that opens, click “CONFERENCE” “Event Selection”, then select “Joint Conference” "in-person" and click SAVE at the bottom of the page.
  3. If you have taken step 2, click “ABSTRACT/PAPERS” to expand, then click “Submit Abstract”. Now click on “+New Abstract” in the top right corner of the new page that opens.
  4. If you have taken step 3, then you are now on the ABSTRACT SUBMISSION page.
    1. Click the drop-down menu under “Conference” to select ICSSC.
    2. Then click (the “v” symbol) under “Topic” to reveal a list of ICSSC topics. Select the one that best fits the subject of your abstract.
    3. Enter the full title of your abstract in the space provided.
    4. Upload your abstract by clicking in the space under “File” or dragging and dropping your file into that space.
    5. Once you are done, please click “SAVE”. That’s all. Well done. Thank you.

Authors having trouble submitting abstracts electronically should contact the Conference Organizing Committee at organizingcommittee@kaconf.com

Abstract Review and Acceptance

Abstracts will be peer reviewed by at least three independent and internationally diverse reviewers of the ICSSC Technical Committee which reserves the right to accept or reject any submitted abstract. The ICSSC Technical Program Chair will then assign the accepted abstracts to the conference technical sessions.

Notification of acceptance will be sent by e-mail only to the lead author on or before June 18, 2024.
The lead Authors, whose abstracts have been accepted, must confirm their willingness to submit and present their paper(s) by June 28, 2024 . Failure to confirm in a timely fashion may result in the paper being withdrawn or replaced with a stand-by paper.

It is crucial to thoroughly proofread your submission before the deadline. After the abstract submission deadline, modifications to the abstract and any submission details will not be allowed. Late submissions will only be accepted at the discretion of the conference technical chair.
If an abstract is accepted, the author, designated as the lead author, will be the only author with access to upload the final manuscript.

Final manuscripts showing substantial modifications in title, content or co-authors and affiliations with respect to the accepted abstracts will not be included in the conference final program nor accepted for podium presentation. The lead author will be notified of such exclusion.

Questions pertaining to technical topics should be directed to:
Ifiok Otung: i.otung@bradford.ac.uk

Information & Inquiries should be directed to