Ka Abstract Submission

How and When

Authors are invited to submit reasonable detailed abstract (2 pages including figures) by June 6, 2021.

Abstracts must include title, author's name, affiliation, full postal address, phone, and e-mail address. Care must be taken to ensure the accuracy of the data entered in submitting the abstract, since the data entered will be used to compose the Preliminary Program

To submit an abstract please take the following steps:

  1. Visit the Joint Conference web page REGISTRATION (or click the Registration Button on right top side of all website pages) and enter the personal details requested. You will then receive an automatically generated email giving you a username (your email address) and password with which to login and upload your abstract.
  2. If you have (already) taken step 1, then LOGIN and on the left pane of the page that opens, click ABSTRACT/PAPERS to expand, then select “Abstract”. Now click on “+New Abstract” in the top right corner of the new page that opens.
  3. If you have taken step 2, then you are now on the ABSTRACT SUBMISSION page.
    1. Click the drop-down menu under “Conference” to select Ka.
    2. Then click (the “v” symbol) under “Topic” to reveal a list of Ka topics. Select the one that best fits the subject of your abstract.
    3. Enter the full title of your abstract in the space provided.
    4. Upload your abstract by clicking in the space under “File” or dragging and dropping your file into that space.
    5. Once you are done, please click “SAVE”


Abstracts must use the PDF file format for speed and accuracy and must be prepared according to the KA Paper Template.

Authors uploading an Abstract are confirming that the uploaded Abstract complies with the Ka Conference Publication Ethics and Malpractice.

Deadline and Acceptance

Abstracts will be peer reviewed by at least three independent and internationally diverse reviewers of the Ka Technical Committee which reserve the right to accept or reject any submitted abstract. The Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee then will assign the accepted abstracts to the conference technical sessions.

Notification of acceptance will be sent by e-mail only to the lead author on or before June 18, 2021.

Authors, whose abstracts have been accepted, must confirm their willingness to submit and present their paper(s) by July 30, 2021.

Once the abstract submission deadline passes, authors are no longer allowed to submit new abstracts or modify previous submissions or any other submission details. Please carefully proof your submission before the deadline.
If an abstract is accepted, the author, designated as the lead author, will be the only author with access to upload the final manuscript.

Final manuscripts showing substantial modifications in title, content or co-authors and affiliations respect to the accepted abstracts will not be included in the conference final program nor accepted for podium presentation. The lead author will be notified of such exclusion.

Online Publication of Abstracts

In view of the rescheduling of the 26th Ka and 38th ICSSC Joint Conference to the new date of 27th – 30th September 2021 at the same venue in Arlington, Virginia, USA, all abstracts submitted by 30th September 2020, if accepted (following the acceptance procedure described in the previous section), will be included in an online publication.

The publication will be freely accessible at https://www.kaconf.com/KA-abstractpublication.php, in a dedicated section of the Conference website and will serve two important roles.

It will acknowledge and credit each author’s research and contribution in a timely fashion, without waiting until 2021. It will also help to attract more participants to the conference to exchange ideas with each author/speaker in connection with their work.

It would help, to enhance the communication of the quality of your contribution, if you ensured that your submission is a detailed abstract that is two pages long, including text, diagrams, and references.

Authors who agree to have their abstract published online must send a written authorization to organizingcommittee@kaconf.com by 30th September 2020 with the statement, “I hereby authorize the Organizing Committee to publish my abstract, submitted to the 26th Ka and 38th ICSSC Joint Conference, on the Conference website.”

The publication is freely accessible pushing the buttons below

26th Ka     38th ICSSC


Authors having trouble submitting abstracts electronically should contact Ka Conference Organizing Committee at organizingcommittee@kaconf.com

Questions pertaining to the abstract or technical topics, or general inquiries concerning the program format or policies of the conference, should be directed to Technical Program Co-Chairs.

Information & Inquiries should be directed to
Richard Gedney: rtgedney59@gmail.com
Franco Marconicchio: franco.marconicchio@gmail.com
Mario Caron: mario_cn@videotron.ca